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On Line School Registration Steps


1. Register for dance classes on line using the following enrollment link:


Reserve your spot in class by securing the registration fee on line.



2. Enroll for classes in person during normal business hours.



Quick Enrollment Guide

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Dance School Calendar

Rehearsal Schedule

Current School Schedule of Classes


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6:00 p  - 7:15 p


((Ages 10 & up)


5:00 p - 5:45 p

Creative Movement “United”

(Ages 3- 6)


6:00 p  - 7:15 p

Ballet Technique I

(Ages 9-10 with no previous dance experience)




10:15 a  - 11:00 a

Pre - Jazz

(Ages  7 - 9, no previous exp.)


6:00 p  - 7:30 p

Ballet Technique


(Ages 13 and up with previous dance experience)


6:00  p -  7:15 p

Ballet Technique II

(Ages 10-12 with no previous dance experience)


5:30 p -  6:30 p

Ballet Technique & Conditioning

( Ages 7-12)


6:00 p  - 7:15 p

Pre Performance Ensemble/


(By Permission Only)


10: 15 a  - 11:10 a

Creative Movement II

(Ages 5- 6 Only;  Must b 5 by September 1)


11:15 - 12:15 a

Ballet Appreciation

(Ages 7-8, Must be 7 by Sept 1)


7:30 p -  8:30 p

Pre - Pointe & Pointe Technique

(By Permission Only)

7:20 p -  8:20 p

Beginning Jazz

(Ages 10 & up)



7:25 p  - 8:25 p

Contemporary /


(Ages 12 and up with at least 2 years previous dance experience)




11: 05 a  - 11:50 a

Creative Movement I

(Ages 3- 4 Only;  Must be 3 by September 1 )


 Noon - 1:00 p

Leaps & Turns

(Ages 9 & Up)



7:20 p - 8:20 p

Adult Dance Fitness Class




7:20 p - 8:20 p

Liturgical Dance

(Ages 8 & up)


 Noon  - 1:15 p

All Company Repertoire

( First & Third Saturdays Only)



Class Levels & Descriptions


~Creative Movement Dance Series~

Creative Movement I & II - Designed to introduce young dancers to creative expression, movement with dance props, games and the introduction of basic ballet positions and stretching. Focus is placed on music identification, loco motor skill development and rhythm. Children that attend this class LOVE it! It helps prepare them for more structured classes in the future. Get ready for dance FUN!

Pre-requisite: CM I- Ages 3-4; CM II,  5-6 year olds, Must be 5 by September 1st


 Ballet Appreciation - Full hour based curriculum designed to introduce dancers to fundamental ballet positions, basic dance terminology and strengthening exercises. Focus is placed on barre introduction, music sensitivity, rhythm, discipline and repetitious movement. We believe that ballet provides the basic foundations for all dance genres, as well as for gymnastics, pom-pom and cheerleading.

New students must be 7 years old by November 15 to enroll.*Students may remain in this class for up to 2 yrs based on maturity, focus and development.

Pre-requisite: 7-8 year olds, Must be 7 by September 1st


Ballet Technique I - Designed to focus on body alignment and technical strength required for barre and center combinations. Focus is placed on dance terminology, rhythm, and repetitious movement. Two classes per week suggested in this dance category.

Pre-requisite: Ages 8-9 yrs old with at least two years experience


Ballet Technique II - For older students, this class is designed to continue focus on body alignment, flexibility and technical strength required for more complex combinations, terminology and overall movement quality needed for dance performances.

Pre-requisite: Ages 10-12 yrs old with three years experience.


Ballet Technique III - Also, for  the older student, this class is designed to continue focus on body alignment, flexibility and technical strength required for more complex combinations, terminology and overall movement quality needed for dance performances.

Pre-requisite: Ages 13 and up, with no previous experience.


Intermediate Ballet & Pointe - Designed to fine-tune ballet technique and individual artistic expression in a challenging dance class environment.  Emphasis is also placed on pointe work, advanced level combinations, and technique enhancement. This class is taken in conjunction with at least 3 other ballet classes.

Pre-requisite: Approval from the Director only.  

Pointe & Pre - Pointe - 


Contemporary / Improv - An excellent class for dancers ages 10+ designed to focus on introducing contemporary and theatrical dance by using abstract movement,  theme imagery, and creative fluid technique for the entire body and soul. Get moving!!

Pre-requisite: Ages 12 & above, at least 2 year previous dance experience required 


African - Move your body and soul to the beat of the drums in this high energy dance class focused on movement from the "mother land". Dance into music and song with movement, choreography and more!

Pre-requisite: Ages 10 and up, with no previous experience. 

Pre - Jazz - This class is an introductory class to Beginner Jazz. Fluid movement helps create a visually technical dance and style. This class will include body isolations, beginning turns and leaps to create a unique dance class for the younger dance student. 

Ballet Technique & Conditioning -  For  most dancers at heart, this technical class will help strengthen ballet technique in the form of review, repetition and dance  execution. This is a must have class to help students understand the true basic fundamentals in a non - performance based classroom curriculum.

Leaps, Turns & Tricks - Turn into a different dancer!  This great class will help perfect leaps and turns to make for the more well rounded dancer.  Specific focus is placed on proper alignment for leaps and turns; Includes some basic dance tricks as well.

Beginning Jazz  - This upbeat class combines basic hip-hop, jazz technique and choreography with no suggestive lyrics/movements. In this fast-paced, fun class, students will use the jazz dance style to develop coordination, rhythm, added flexibility and self-expression.

Adult Dance Fitness Class (Seasonal) - This high energy dance class begins with traditional ballet barre exercises great for strengthening muscles, toning, and increasing flexibility. Class core includes fun cardio routines that will combine jazz, modern, hip hop and contemporary dance styles. Adult students will enjoy working out in a fun and encouraging environment. Get ready to work hard, laugh, and make your way towards a healthier you!

Liturgical / Praise Dance - Get your praise dance on in a great class for your dance ministry! This class will focus on general dance technique, interpretive / creative movement and choreography ideas for worship service. Only Christian and inspirational music will be used in this class. What a great way to learn the necessary technique and movement for a great praise dance presentation.



Marquita Brooks

Stephanie Hill

Kevin Jones

Larramie Wells

Denita Westbrook


Employment Opportunities

Please submit your Dance Resume to contact@balletonwheels.org


Employment Application

Background Check Form


 Dance Tuition

Creative Movement & Ballet Appreciation Series


Creative Movement I                              $ 70

Creative Movement II                             $ 80

Ballet Appreciation                                 $ 84


Financial Aid Assistance

Financial assistance is administered through a third party vendor and is available for eligible students on a case by case scenario.

Financial Aid applications are accepted in the fall semester only.  Please call the studio for additional information.

Click here for the application.


► For your convenience, Ballet On Wheels Dance School offers a direct debit pay option for monthly tuition at a slightly lower rate.



Ballet Technique I & Above Level Classes


Ballet Technique I Levels & Above $85

Multi-Class Discount Package $130 (2 classes) $160 (3 Classes)

(Addl. fees for addl. classes)


Option A:

Automatic Draft

Payments are automatically withdrawn on the 1st of each month by either

checking or credit card. (Late fees will not apply using this method)


Option B:

Monthly Statement/Tuition

Month to month pay structure; Monthly statements will be e-mailed to them on the 25th of

the month that will be due on the 1st of the following month. There is a $3.50 installment

fee added to regular tuition rates for this method.


Option C:


Parents may choose to pay for the entire year at the time of enrollment. Selecting

this option qualifies for a 5% discount off annual tuition.


~ Classes begin in September and run through the end of June ~


Acceptable forms of payment include: check, cashier’s check, money order.

Make payable to: Ballet On Wheels


Tuition Late Fee: $30.00